Proudly Serving the U.S.A and the NY/NJ Tri-State Area

Accepting consignments from coast to coast and conducting Estate Sales in the NY/NJ/PA area

Family owned and operated auction house and sales company working hard for Sellers and Buyers, treating you and your belongings with the respect and care that EVERYONE deserves. 

Simple Consigning

Consignors and Sellers for our online auctions can fill out the consignment form online and email it to us, allowing us to start working on your account, having half of the work done when your items arrive. Once delivered your consignments are 100% covered by our insurance and secured until they are sold and shipped to the buyer. Visit our Sellers page for more information Sellers

For our Estate sale and Downsizing sale customers, we understand that there is not always enough time in the day and that sometimes life just happens, and it does not always go according to schedule. That is why we will work with you and around your schedule to come to your home, business, storage unit or wherever you may need our on-site services. On the day buyers are scheduled to pick up their items we can provide tag sale and removal services for any items that do not sell at the Estate or Downsizing sale, leaving you with one less thing to worry about.

 We can also provide solutions for people that cannot hold an estate sale at their residence, for a minimal fee we will move your items to our facility, where they will be inventoried, stored and insured until we can combine them with an estate sale of comparable items.


In-Person and Online

We use both methods to connect sellers and buyers. Our in-person on-site auctions work best for estate, business liquidation and downsizing sales where there are larger items and bulk lots. The online sales are excellent for all collectibles, including Coins, Trading Cards and all items that can be shipped. Buyers can find more information on our Buyers page.

For some sales, a combination of both methods works best to reach a bigger audience. 

We will come to you

Regardless of the type of auction, let us take the pressure off you, for larger collections, items that you would rather or prefer not to mail or if you are unsure of what you have, please reach out to us for a free consultation and to determine what options would work best for you.