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  • Bid online, In-Person, over the phone or by mailed in bid (dependent on the sale).
  • Simple to use secure payment process.
  • Pay with Cash, Check, Credit Card, PayPal, Venmo, Cash app and ACH debit.
  • NO hidden costs or fees, our shipping costs are low because you do not pay extra for us to pack and transport your items, those costs are already included in the buyers fee (Buyers fees range from 8% to 21% depending on the sale).
  • Shipping of small items are mailed the same day of your payment clearing and information received if it's before 1 p.m. EST.
  • All small items ship together with no penalty for combining lots together!
  • Returns are accepted on some items, eligible items for return will be clearly marked at every auction prior to the sale!
  • Every lot will be described to the best of our ability with no photo touch-ups, if requested we can email or text additional pictures of any item!
  • We are available to talk with you about any lot and will answer any questions you may have up to 30 minutes before the advertised start time of the sale, it may take a day to get back to you, but we will! For a faster response please send us a text message @ 973-714-5262
  • Buyers can get FREE SHIPPING on any order size! it's simple, leave feedback for your current purchase with us & we will ship the items from your NEXT purchase, for FREE, with tracking and insurance! 

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How online bidding works:

You may bid at any time once the auction has been posted to the site and bidding is open until the time expires on the lot or the lot is sold and the auction closes.  Auctions typically run for at least two weeks or more. You may put pre-bids in prior to the start of the auction or wait to bid as lots are closing. When deciding to bid, keep a mental note of how much you want to spend on the item, then you can put the next highest bid in or put your "max bid" amount in. A "max bid" is the highest you are willing to pay for an item or lot number. If you choose to enter a max bid, the computer will automatically bid for you as other bidders put in their bids. It works like an auction held on Ebay. The computer will put your higher bid in when someone else puts a bid in for the same item higher than yours and will only increase based on the set monetary intervals of the auction. During a timed auction, we use a method called a soft closing, when lots have less than 3 minutes until closing and someone puts a bid in in, the computer will automatically add another 3 minutes to that lot so other people have a chance to bid. Finally, when time expires the highest bidder wins the lot. 

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